How To Look Sharp In Casual Wear

Unlike for women, men have a very limited number of clothing style, its either shirts, trousers, t shirts, jeans or shorts. It can be very difficult to pull off a sharp look in casual wear. As we all know suits can make you look sharp, but you can’t wear a suit to a day out. Following are few ways to look good in casual wear.
1. Pick the right jeans
Jeans are a popular choice and the most common choice of all for casual wear. However there are plenty of styles to pick from, skinny jeans, rock star type jeans, ripped jeans etc. If you want to look sharp pick the right one for you. A proper fitting pair of jeans could do the trick.
2. Wear smart tops
There are plenty of types of tops to pick from. If you pick a simple t shirt make sure it is plain or with a simple logo of the brand. Avoid wearing t shirts with funny or inappropriate captions. This type of t shirts could make you look immature. And also make sure the t shirts are either a plain colour or a simple design. Colours like luminous green or yellow or t shirts with very glittery colours will make you look like a hipster. Same goes with shirts as well. If you chose to wear a shirt, make sure the colours and the design is appropriate.
If you rather wear a t shirt it is always better to go with a Polo shirt. These are comfortable like a t shirt but with a collar like in a shirt. So it makes you look very sharp and it screams class as well.
3. Pair the clothing items appropriately
Some men do not have a sense of fashion. But you do not need to be a high street fashion designer to figure out what goes best with what. For example a Polo shirt would go really with proper fitting jeans if you want to pull off a smart casual look or a simple plain t shirt with plain shorts if you’re going for a more casual look.
4. Pick the right shoes
Finally the most important part are the shoes. If you do not pick the correct shoes for the occasion the whole attire would look simple wrong. To upgrade the look instead of sneakers you could wear leather loafers. Instead of slip flops sandals could be a better idea.
In a world full of fashion ideas and celebrities promoting them, it is always wise to pick the style that suits you the best and that would make you look smarter and sharp.