Popular Sweet 16 Party Themes For Girls

Sweet 16 is the most memorable birthday one can have. Whether you are a parent throwing a party or a private event organizer, these themes can help you get a small idea of how to make this day special.
Dance party
This is mostly for a child who enjoys activities. You can select a suitable venue like a reception hall or a place with a lot of space for the kids to move around. Hire a good DJ and a live band. To make it more fun you can have dancing competitions in the party. That way guests can enjoy and stand a chance to win gifts as well. This type of a party is very engaging and it breaks a sweat. So this may not be quite suitable for a child who hates sweating. If you are having at a venue outside the house, you can hire a limo for the birthday girl to arrive in.
Pool party
If the birthday falls on a summer time, best way to have some fun is to throw a pool party. This is a good idea if you have a pool at your house. But even if you don’t and you can hire the local swimming club premises for the day, you can still throw an amazing pool party. But make sure you can provide plenty of supervision and get a life guard as well.
Beach party
Again if the birthday is in the summer, beach party would be a cool idea. If you live near the ocean this won’t be so hard. Hire a small cabana or a restaurant in the beach and arrange food and drink and decorate the area. The birthday girl can also come to the party in a pink limo, if you are throwing a surprise beach party for her.
Fairytale themed party
Girls live being princesses and queens so why not throw a fairytale themed party. This can be arranged in high fashion way, if the birthday girl is quite the attention seeker this would a lovely idea to surprise her. Have the guests come dresses as royalty and make sure you let the birthday girl pick the character she wants and make sure you tell the guests that the particular fairytale character is chosen and not to come dressed in it.
Glow party
This theme is slightly unorthodox but a very enjoyable one. If the birthday girl is in to techno music this would play well. Tell all the guests to come dressed in a dark colour and carry a glow in the dark bracelet or any jewelry. The decoration can be glow in the dark stars and other objects. It would fun and enjoyable to everyone.