A Different Angle On Your Big Day

We all know how much fun it can be to browse through our grandparents’ or parents’ wedding albums, imagining what it must have been like on that special day. The fashion is always something to comment on at family gatherings, while other details such as location and décor are other talking points. However, times keep changing, and what may have worked in their day may not necessarily work today. For this reason, when hiring someone to capture your big day, ask them about their vision so you get an idea about their creativity. In the 21st century, the sky is the limit so do not be afraid to experiment!


It can be difficult to know exactly what lens fits which camera unless you are an active part of the industry, however suggest the use of different equipment for your wedding pictures to your photographer. For example, in the recent past a lens known simply as ‘fish-eye’ made its way into the market to a rapturous welcome from photographers all across the globe. It is now one of the most commonly used lenses in the industry, wedding or no wedding. Experiment with coloured lights and other effect to give your photographs an element of difference!


Photographs on the big day are usually taken on location itself, mainly because it can be cumbersome to move the bridal party and the bride herself safely and bring them all back. If however, you are willing to try out a new spot you should. Perhaps there is a wood clearing a little further away from location that although is not decorated, makes for the perfect backdrop. Why not try a few shots there? It is spontaneous, and unusual and chances are when you are 70, you will appreciate the risk!


One of the main factors photographers focus on is lighting, and when it comes to wedding pictures, they pay special attention to this. However, recently there have been some unusually beautiful pictures surfacing with lighting techniques that break all the rules we have ever known. Some taken in low, gloomy lighting have brought out fantastic effects, better than in the bright sunlight. This can also give your photographs a different angle, and something new for the photographer to work with.


Another common feature at weddings seems to be the concept of ‘photo-booth’ which, quite frankly is a brilliant idea! It adds a degree of fun and allows guests to strike a silly pose which the couple can look back on someday with fondness. Why not consider some props in your live shoots? Ask the couple beforehand what they would like if they are agreeable to this and have them setup. It will give your images a whole new angle of creativity.